Sunday, February 15, 2009


hi everybody. im a newbie here. i hve a friendster, myspace and facebook account. u can juz add me err..myb next time. this is my first time doing a blog. i think its pretty stupid for a person like me to be writing a blog. nothing worth to be wrote or shared with the whole world. nobody reads this anyway except for my frens of course. but anyway, they already knew whateva i hv to say about anything. so....whats the purpose of doing this whole damn thing?
girl, if u think its stupid then y are u doing it anyway??
so true... i dont know
(rolling eyes) stupid...
u think?
duh~ are u seriously asking dat question??
i think, maybe i juz wanna try this whole blog thing. idunno..maybe its fun, maybe i can say whateva im not able to say in front of other ppl etc.

rite, so there u go. what i feel about blogging. wish me luck ppl! i hope i can get somewhere from here.arh yarh! one more reason for more stop for stalkers out there.. lolx!