Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a trip to remember

Went to Kuala-la-la Lumpur with friends last friday till monday. We drove all the way from JB to KL. Went to pick up main driver along the way. We were running a couple of hours late because of this person. Nak setting rambut la hape lah alahaii nak drive je pon. Ngalahkan pompuan la weyh. Then we arrived around 9 something, picked up mariam at bandar tasik selatan and head off to petaling street to supposedly find a beg that i could use for travelling, but in vain. Mase kitorang sampai tu orang sume dah stat tutup dah. kemain sesak lagi dgn troli, stall dan segla benda yang beroda berebut-rebut ngan kitorang nak lalu lorong-lorong yang sempit itu. Beg sume madang sratus lebih kan jimmy choo la gucci la pleaseeee laa sgan kot aku nk pakai beg2 'branded' camtu. Pastu mintak2 kurang boleh plak sampai less than sparoh
harge asal. Memang nak kene cucok seko2.

empty petaling street. too lazy to get the picture right. squint for all i care.

After that, gerak flat mariam yang horror and memang road to hell to spend the night there. Bual2 soseh2 emo2 cuci muke sket dah kol 3. Malam tu tido mmg struggle gilaaa. haiigoooo.. panas gila kl. Dahla bilik mayam ni kipas berdiri pusing-pusing hish rase macam nak bogel je time kipas tak menghala kat aku. Time kipas menghala peh heaven gila kan. Memang keje bangun tido bangun tido jelah kan malam tu. Fuh, sumpah struggle. Bile bangun kol 8 tgk dah terang, macam.. hahhhh~ finally~~

Hari sabtu, seperti yang dirancang, tudung hunting di jalan tar and masjid india. ngeh3. Aku, kinah n adah sebagai hunters dan mariam sebagai pemerhati setia. Uisshhh..banyak gila tudung, rambang mataaaa! Makanya aku dah aim nak beli shawl ladung, pashmina plain, beberapa shawl baru and tudung sarung buat pakai kat dalam sebab banyak shawl mak aku belikan dulu jarang bleh pakai wat supplementary decoration je. Dan tak lupa juga inner. ihiks. Buang duit lagi dan lagi.
After that we went to times square to find skirts and dresses that i want. Buang duit lagilagilagi. Fortunately dapat satu je. But homaiii times square is a really2 cool place to shop for cute and cheap dresses and dress-like blouses. Will definitely go there again before going back to dublin to stock up my pretty clothes. nyihihihi

That night we went to sleep at adah's place. usim's rented apartment which is really2 spacious. And of course, ade kipas siling. Malam tu macam nak balas dendam kononnya, bukak kipas sampai lima. Tengah malam, haa kau.. sejuk kemain lagi. Toto buat bantal, mmmg tak selimut. Mariam mmg kental pakai shorts je asal aku rase aku sorang je yang bangun2 ni diorang tak sejuk ke. So bangun tengah2 malam slowkan kipas n duduk jap memanaskan diri. Keesokan harinya complain lagi tido struggle. Rupenye sume pon sejuk tapi tak reti2 nak slowkan kipas. aku yang paling jauh ni gak yang bangun. ceh.

And thennn the main eventttt is MTV WORLDSTAGE 2011 baby! woohooo! ohmygod, honestly i've never been to a concert before. hiks. Well gigs in jb i've been to twice but you're still obvious in the small crowd so couldn't really go crazy among those jb-ish kids with me pakai tudung being ayu and all. I remember one gig, i wore black eyeshadow, trying to have that cool smokey eyes but i met syakir and he commented that i look ayu. That was probably a sweet compliment if i haven't hoped to think that i looked 'cool' -_-

So this year's MTV worldstage features pop-shuvit, beast, neon trees and ohmygod cinta lama 30SECONDS TO MARS!!! It was a loooong wait, looooong standing but in the end it was all worth it. Well for me at least. I stayed from beginning till end. Well didn't stay for encore though. haven't gathered that much stamina yet for concerts. This is my first time anyway. Macam mane tah bleh tlepas. Mak aku tahu ni, hurmmmmmm... teehee

The first to go was pop shuvit with a new song and that shizuka song. Boleh layan la pop shuvit, they're pretty good performers. And then came project EAR which is uh-mazing. The last one they performed MARABAHAYA fuhhhhh that was a real warm up. Kalau diorang tak main marabahaya memang aku kakik sorang2 project EAR tuh.

After that lama gilaaa tunggu beast adela dalam dekat stengah jam jugak. Pegi berenam, lima orang nak tengok beast. Memang buasssss betol kengkawan aku. Namun, kusangkakan rakan-rakanku buas, rupanya semua peminat beast memang buas. Kusangkakan rakan-rakan ku dah cukup loud and high pitch, peh minah cina belakang ni satu kilometer bleh denga die jerit. Aku layankan jela, jadi tukang amek gamba and video aksi2 buas kengkawan aku ni. Tapi susah sketla nak layan beast nih. Mungkin memang style k-pop punye concert lain kot. They dance to a song, then another song then the next then tuka baju, some hello malaysia, and last song and bye2. hmmm.. for me yang tak tahu lagu2 diorang i'm not sure how i am supposed to be enjoying those moments. They're actually not bad... but maybe i'm not used to k-pop-ing. so yeah.

Habis je beast, yang lima orang tu tros blah tinggallah aku sorang2 terkinja-kinja kat tengah
orang ramai tu. Peh lepas ni pegi concert memang aku carik kawan sejati ar yang boleh stay with me through it all till the end. Ramai gak orang blah, and macam tukar crowd la. The crowd moves forward and new crowd comes in. faces around me changed.

Next well, neon trees. I honestly have never heard of neon trees i thought they're just some band to fill up the empty spaces. True, they're new cause the only popular song was animal, but ohmygod they rock i tell you! tyler is sooooooOOOoooo sexy. Damn sexy. Sexy as hell. The interaction with the crowd was.. brilliant! I dunno how to describe it. He left the crowd screaming in response and wanting for more. I heard the person beside me saying, "now THIS is a concert". sorry guys, but i gotta agree with this guy. Definitely will watch tyler again on mtv. U guys definitely have to watch them on mtv. He's soo soo kinky and grahhh i wanna bite him he's sooo nakal >.< style die cakap, his movements. "malaysia i came all the way from utah, america.. to dance with you!" and he danced his kinky dance on that stage all alone enjoying himself grahh grahhhhhhh!!! I was so busy jumping and screaming i forgot to take a video. Got some blurry photos though. I swore to myself at that moment, im soo gonna youtube this band later. hiks.
and i did. They are AWESOME. DEFINITELY AWESOME this band called NEON TREES.

Then of course, it left the crowd screaming for 30seconds to mars! jared came out vampire-like wearing a cape and shades. Ahh kecewa gila i cannot see his stunning eyes. honestly, i dont know much of 30stm's songs so i couldn't really recall what was performed. There was a lot, but some he didn't play the whole song and some accoustic. They started with a beautiful lie and the start was marvellous! lights and fireworks! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! screamslikecrazy! There was hurricane, closer to the edge, this is war, the kill, attack, and some more i cant remember. Jared is a true performer. Gosh i fell in love with him all over again. When he finally took off his shades, haaa~~ i wanna faint.. that is jared's winning feature besides his god-like voice.
aummmmmmm... i didn't wait for the encore i was too tired standing for 5 hours. Plus i've heard all of the songs that i wanna hear. Next time jared leto. I'll wait until i can get an autograph from you. I love you till death jared leto. huhiks.

finale. silver confettis bursting out from in front of the stage.

oh, btw. tadelah cantik pon i-city waktu malam.

dalam pukul 12 sampai dekat2 umah adah. Makan kat sarang tikus and lipas sampai pkul 1. gitu gini mandi manda tido dalam pkul 3. What a night... --,

The next day is parting day. Kinah and Adah going back to JB. Mariam to her house (ponteng kelas pagi) and me to wangsa walk to meet up with kmb friends. We had lunch first and then went to watch harry potter, third time for me. But somehow this third time mcm lagi feeling. More emotional. Probably because the first time i went to watch with ajib who has zero knowledge of hp legacy and it was unexpected. Second time i was so ngantuk i fell asleep during the climax. Third time, im sitting with those people who knows about hp, somewhat give out a vibe, like, different. And probably because the cinema isn't full it feels comfortable. This third time, i really felt the emotion and penghayatan cerita.

And after that we spent i little time at arcade, played a round of bowling( wearing a dress). i thought then, gosh, after this, i really should have a sense of control when it comes to bowling. For the record, i never ever refused to play. I somewhat feels like, dah pakai dress tu tak payahla kan. Lesson of the day: self control in bowling. After that we ran out of ideas on what to do. Well the trip wasn't properly planned afterall. Given the time between expecting the trip and the day itself, it's quite frustrating. Nevermind me, i've had my share of fun the past couple of days. Since tade ape nak buat so i decided to go home lah cause it's only 6 o'clock. Kalau stay lame lagi nak pakai duit lagi.

So i took the train to Bandar Tasik Selatan to take a bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. It's cool in a sense that you won't have people swarming around you trying to get you to buy them tickets. They are all sold at the ticket counter. All buses, same counter. And it's also cool that the buses are punctual. That you would have confidence that it will actually reach your desired destination. Btw, i bought ticket to larkin cause ticket to pasir gudang is too late at night so no worries there.

Dah tengah2 semangat nak balik heishh drama pulaknye.. dah sampai depan counter akak tu dah tanye nak gi mane, purse pulak tade dalam beg panjang aku. Pehh cuak habiss... lpastu aku dok tepi korek2 beg panjang, bukak beg galas. Tade. Jantungku bedegup pantas. Tengah2 carik tu peh memang lincah gile otak, alamak ade brape ratus dlm tu, ic kene pegi buat, kad bank kene g tepon bank balik nanti kne pg mintak lagi, kad bodyshop alahaii sygnye, lesen nak kne lapor polis buat baru..hmm lagi ape ade dlm purse tu, Purse nak kene beli lagi alahaii malasnye. Peh sikro habis. Tros aku dok tepi tepon pae ckp purse ilang. Pastu pae ckp nak datang tunggu die. Pastu aku continue la korek2 dalam beg galas. jeng3x.... ada.... dekat bwh2. tapi siyes2, macamane boleh jadi die ade kat situ pon aku tak ingat. Bese mmg dalam beg dorothy perkins tu. Peh aku baru nak kecewa dengan rakyat malaysia. Baru ingat selamat la jugak nek lrttadelah aku kne pegang beg sentiase. Pastu.. haihh.. dapat bli tiket pkul 7.30 maka pulanglah daku ke pangkuan keluarga.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

love stories

I always try to avoid myself reading love stories book, chick-lits and stuff like that. Even love dramas. It has been always like that. without an instant thought, it's like a habit now to me that i have to now evaluate the reason behind it. Everytime i think of it, i moan and roll my eyes. It's like i hate it. This is pure prejudice, i must admit.

Perhaps, this owes to the fact that i wanna see myself as a strong, independent woman wanting more to life than just a relationship. Sure, in those books, those womans have careers, families, 'life' as we know it. But the whole story being centered around creating a relationship from beginning till end, i simply cant handle that. It narrows down the scope of life to merely the relationship part. I'd like to see romance as the romantic essence of a story instead of romance being 'life' itself.

To me, there's a whole lot of other issues in this world, that we don't know, that we haven't discovered. Some issues big enough to make us feel insignificant reading about it. That reminds us that we are not the only 'unfortunate' ones in this world. That brings us back to merely a speck of dust inside the giant's eye. On the other hand, romance is simply something that we can relate to our life. Makes us think, i'd like something like that..that's real sweet.. and stuff like that. It's a good way to spend time leisurely, reading something lighthearted and heartwarming. But it makes me feel weak and vulnerable. Makes me want to wish for something that's non-existent in my life.

These kind of stories is based on two main characters. The boy and the girl. Without one, the other cannot exist, because then there won't be a story. Stories that are based on one character, with a lot of dynamic supporting characters, suits more to reality, for me. Perhaps, this is because i am not focusing on relationship yet, but rather on establishing myself to become a great woman in my own perspective. However, life is one person's journey, like it or not. Even if you have found your soulmate or something like that, he or she is still a supporting character, with varying magnitude of importance of course.

This is strictly my own opinion, my prejudice, others who find strength in those books are definitely not to be condemned. We are our own masters. We decide on what to take and who to be for ourselves. This reminds me of Queen elizabeth 1's saying 'I only have one mistress and no master'. She was the only one who ruled england without a spouse. Oopss...no, im not highlighting the failure in her relationship, which she obviously had, but rather on the strength to pursue her duty regardless of the pain. Those words obviously have some pain in it. Well, for me at least, i just realized, being in a bad relationship myself. The strength to say, 'I am married to England'.
Don't delude in yourself thinking i've read some sort of royal biography or whatever. It's from the movie,
Elizabeth, the golden age, played by Cate Blanchett
picture above: the first Queen

Now these kind of women is definitely worth reading. The ardous journey they must have gone through life while seeking romance all at the same time, makes more sense to me. But that is just me. Maybe my mind like to burden itself with heavy stuff and issues.

Pride and Prejudice is generally known as the love story of Elizabeth and Darcy. I used to think that too before and during the first time reading it. But you know, certainly a simple reason such as that doesn't justify it being lifted as a great literature of all time. No, it certainly is not. There are many issues highlighted by Jane Austen, the various realities in life they must come through, while giving it a happy ending. That's what makes it so amazing to read.

Another piece worth noting is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. As the title goes, this story revolves around the whole life of an extremely average woman but with a strong will and determination. Complete with various ups and downs. Definitely a must read for any girls at all. And Charlotte Bronte, I must say, was a great writer. There hasn't a single book yet that could match my experience and state of mind when reading Jane Eyre. It's classic english, but it's read-able i assure you. Unlike Jane Austen's train of thoughts and opinions, this is merely a story.

I used to think that i wouldn't worry about relationships. I think i'm a pretty attractive and acceptable woman in my own way. I believed one way or another, relationship will come along the way, someday, somehow. But now i have doubts. At this point, with that kind of attitude, will i really get that relationship that i think i will get? Now i truly feel the meaning in application when people say, u have to work for it to get into a relationship and not just hope for it to come. Yes, now i truly feel that i have a role to play to be successful in a relationship. I have a role to respond, to flirt, to make the other happy and not just hoping to be happy. To contribute, to give and not hoping for something in return. I hope.. i will have a successful life, all-rounded, despite my lack of romanticity and soft view on relationship. amin.

p/s: okay..so chick-lit doesn't necessarily have to be about love, but its about girls so..... okay, prejudice. :>