Tuesday, June 28, 2011


hmmmm.. now is 3.37 in the morning. Suddenly feels like i have something interesting to write. hehe

Tadi, lbeh kurang 3.10, kua bilik ingat nak tgk muvie kat tibi lah kat lua, bosan tunggu buffer muvie kat laptop tak habis2. Selalunye adik aku yang sekola menengah tu belum tido lagi. Selalunye dalam pkul 4 baru die tido. Tengok2, keluar, die dah takde dpn komputer. Hmm..terbatallah hasrat ku. Nak tengok tibi kat dapur sorang2 malam2...tak feel kot. Baik masuk bilik. Ingatkan nak terkorek-korek cari makanan ke lapo gak kot. Tibe2 rase nak tkincing. Tapi...tak jadi jugak. hmmmmmmm....
Slame nih aku selambe je stay up smpi subuh merayap kua masuk bilik. Tapi kenapa yaa... kenapa tiba2. haaaa....

Ni sume mak aku punya pasal. ni lah. Cite jiran seblah menyeblah. Tak menyeblah sgt la. Seblah je. Die kate umah aku ade cik pon. Hish. Tak mau aku eje name pnoh die. Tu lah, anak bujang die dan rakan2 tak kesah nak tido tiap2 mlm memekak men game seblah umah aku. Dah mak aku serabot nak tido. Patotla, mak aku kate, dah tade denga lagi budak2 ni memekak. Bukan skali due katenye denga mengilai. Berkali-kali. Dah, mak aku pon skang nak kua mlm2 tutup pagar ke masukkan moto ke agak cuak la jugak yer. Tade pulak mak aku denga, mak aku tdo btoi2 seblah tmpt diorang kate diorang denga tuh. Pakcik aku kate itulah, die kacau org yang tak reti berhengat. Hmmmmm.. taktau den nak ckp ape.

Sudah, aku pulak yg tercuak. Nk kua bilik pun cuak. Nak tido.. dh bgn pkul berbelas-belas nk ngantok apenye. Ceh, bleh je tido, tapi taknak. hehe... dogil.

Ingat mase dolu2 mase form 2 mase tu tinggal kat dorm umu salamah. Katil tepi btol2 seblah tingkap seblah rak kasut, katil atas. Pnah terdenga budak dorm sumaiyah, dorm atas, opposite building, kate die ade nampk lembaga putih rmbut pnjg dkat koridor tmpat kasut seblah katil aku tulah. At first aku denga aku bkn cuak pn. Sebaliknye aku tertanya, mungkinkah budak itu nmpk aku sebnanye??? kah3..... Yolah, ne taw kan, bgn mlm2 kepale serabot mamai2 teraba-raba. Aku pulak mase tu memang keje tido lepas pkul 3, 4 pagi je. Padan ar nak bangun pagi pun liat. Gegar2 katil pun tak bgn.hehehehe. Tapi ingin aku ingatkan disini bahawe itu zaman form 2. Dah besar dah ade self-control sikit dlm peniduranku. Pastu mmg baju basahan aku sua putih ngan baju tshirt putih. Yelah, sua kaler lain nak gune petang2 ke gi bsukan ke. Pastu malam2 jelah aku bleh lepas rambut sebab mase tu tade orang nak rimas tengok rambut aku. Time tu memang panjang sampai bwh bontot. Panjang nak mamph. Malam2 la aku buat keje dorm kan susun kasut, dah siang2 aku bgn lambat. Kang ketue dorm marah plak. haha... ntah. Pasaitu aku tak pkir sangat masetu n selambe dog je wat rutin harian aku cam bese.

papepon doa jelah dunie terpisah ini remain terpisah. jgn gegatal pulak gi mencarik. marah tol aku orang carik psl nih. sekian. caucincai~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i am aloiveeeeeee wooohoo!!!

soooooo.... regarding my plan to wake up and do something last mondayyyy:::: I DID IT! yeeehaaa!!*clapclapclap* Although it pretty much owes to the fact that somebody gave me this hope of going out with me that day but that didn't turn out well. I was, yet again, disappointed. Well whatever, since im already up and done, might as well just go out. I went and doll myself up, get pretttay and walk confidently out the door to spend the day with my beloved self.

I drove this pretty crappy car of my parents, a really worn out Wira, which shakes furiously when it starts up and stop at every traffic light. It was a pretty scary experience, driving again, i stayed on the side lane. It's like, im driving for the first time all over again, so nervous to speed up, bump over almost every holes and too chickened-out to cut pass any car. Sooo really glad when i arrived safely home without a scratch on me or the car. Oh well, cant blame me. Last time i drove a car was pretty much 9 months ago and it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. tee hee hee

I arrived with an empty stomach. Gotta get out of the house quickly before i changed my mind so didn't have the chance to snack on anything. Went to buy a couple of buns and a bottle of orange juice, it was about 1pm. hmmm..mkn sambil tgk muvie pn best nih. So the nearest movie was kl gangster. I remember acaphatta posted on facebook that it had quite a good review, so i guess, waddaheck. Went and bought a ticket (maigod, so expensive, so glad im a student). The cinema was quite full so agak semangat nak tgk.

Honestly, i like it, this movie. When i saw adiputra and aaron aziz i was pretty hyped up. (even before nora elena or wateva aku mmg suke pon dorg due org ni blakon mmg best and i think they're both pretty good looking and they have good attitude outside movies.) The language, cam bese bahase sampah gangster2 tu but it doesn't sound made up la. Sounds pretty natural to me. The actions, oh my god, the best. It's action packed like seriously hothothot. And there's also a balance between seriousness and sempoiness. Zizan is in too, and he was the comedy essence of the movie, which i think is a pretty clever choice of strategy, comedy. There's also family values , survival issue, life and living. I think it's not just some crappy movie trying to be or act cool and
show the bad ass-ness of the country/actors/director. Overall, i'd give 4.4/5. I am pretty satisfied.

bad asssss

Thennn.. i dunno wat to do, went around and window shop, but don't really have the interest to shop. Bosan. So i went and usha the price for hair wash and cut there, that one fancy looking saloon and jantzen. Wash and cut, rm55, i thought, for MY kind of hair, i ought not be too picky. rm30, standard for haircut, another 25 for a wash and blow. I think that's pretty reasonable(or not? i dont know, im not used to the pricing here. one thing i know, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than in dublin) The saloon person told me my hair is so dry(whats new?) and suggested various treatments but no thanks. Not currently in my budget. Then after she washed my hair she asked me again, sure i dont want a spa treatment? its just rm120. then i think..n think.. and i thought, oh well, this is like compensation for me not taking care of my hair for so long. So i agreed. rm 175, kaye nak mamposs. But wat is it with saloon people, they think that the acceptable longest is not that long at all! Susahla nak jumpe saloon yg can trim and cut while preserving pretty much the same length. haihh.. no more gandalf hair. Tak sempat nak show off. But it's a pretty cute cut. I like it. Although i dont really like the way they change people when doing my hair. I'd prefer it if only one person from beginning till end. That too much to ask?? -_- and then they gave me a pretty dull blow. There's this one saloon i've been to, they even ironed my hair after they layered it. They even massage my back and neck when washing it. fuuuhhh..talk about special treatment. There's another saloon, they blow my hair like really nice and make it curly and pretty. But then he told me not to wear my tudung. dahheck? Jantzen is nice, they did a great job with my hair, but the in-saloon service is..well.. can be better.

So that's how i spent my monday, dating with myself. Apparently couldn't make the time to go and do a facial and find baking stuff and all that other thing i planned to do in my previous post. But it was a worthwhile time spent anyways.

The next day is soooooo much better. Finally....... :) hehehehehehe..
I initially wanted to watch green lantern, but that other person wanted to see blitz. So i guess waddaheck, i can watch green lantern any other time anyways. It was about cop killer, killer cop, whatever. but we somehow expected an action-packed movie. Not even packed, there's hardly much action at all! Sdeh gila. It was a pretty long movie and it's slow. So guys, if u have any other movie to watch, watch that other movie. I dont recommend blitz, like, at all. Well atleast not something that u should spend rm12 on.

Before that we had lunch at kenny roger's roasters.. ahh.. i wonder what else is good to eat there, besides roasted chicken. I dont know, im not used to its menus. It was a pretty short time spent together. but hell yeah it was a great time anyways! :D better than nothing right??? *senyum sampai ke telinge....hee hee **

Sunday, June 19, 2011

so much for my happy summer hols

So i came back about a week after i finished my exams and went straight to London the day after my last exam to go look for souvenirs for people.

myself, safira and acap with trafalgar square in the background. under the summer rains.

spent about 4 days there, then back to dublin and spent about another 2 days trying to figure out how to clear all my stuff. ALL of it from the house. I never moved houses before, well i did, but that was when i was like, 1? so that doesn't count. So before i went to the airport i stuffed all my belongings in the taxi but apparently i have just too much stuff that i have to leave my bedside table(25euro, yes liyana you can leave it in the house since its a trouble for u to move it, haven't replied to you, will do soon afterwards, this) and my hangers. Honestly even though it's almost a week after exam but there wasn't really enough time to properly do all those stuff. I left the house in a messy manner, i should have done my share of cleaning the house in some way or another. I bought souvenirs randomly and quickly. Turns out that the guys in my family are actually a size or two bigger than i anticipated them to be. Ended up having to ask the people who are still in Dublin to buy the proper sizes. That's a very2 bad way to manage my financials. Back here, now, i have to update and re-estimate my budgets. rabak2~~

well so here i am now, back in malaysia, so semangat nak pegi karok n jadi tahi wayang. But saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadly, there's no one around to accompany me. i am so not in the mood to be spending time out alone here back in Malaysia. I've had enough time alone in Dublin :(
and so here i am all alone, at home, doing pretty much nothing of importance or significance to be mentioned, for the whole week lamenting, being devastated at the fact that the first week of my holiday when im all semangat, there's no one around to ask out. I am BORED TO DEATH. BORED I TELL YOUUU. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

well enough of this. it makes me fell so shitty and that is definitely NOT the holiday mood im looking for. True, i have all these plans and all these things that i have in mind that i wanna do. But i wanna do it bearing in mind that im gonna do it with somebody. Well i guess for the sake of my own peace and wellbeing, i have to reset that mindset. I will be doing the stuffs that i wanna do alone. fuck it. Be it the same as ever, as i have been doing these past long months. It's so much better than just laying around doing nothing feeling all down and poopy.

so nowww.. i'm a bit more semangat to do something. Last night i tried to reset my biological clock, right now it's seriously upside down, like, about 165degree deviated, but to no avail. I have been having so much trouble waking up during the day, i mean, what much is there to do at night, especially for a girl, yg tinggal kat kampung, like me? So basically to put my life this whole week in simple words: no life. I tried Sarah Yuzari's method of not sleeping until it is the time you should actually sleep. Naww.. i think that method doesn't suit me. I'd sleep even if i have an important assignment to hand in anyways, if i feel like sleeping. So im taking the opposite approach tonight. To sleep, wake up and sleep again at normal times. lols. i love me. can sleep anytime ;D we'll see how that works out.

tomorrow, im gonna go wash and cut my gandalf-long hair, go and have a facial, look for some baking stuff, cooking stuff, to start my cooking mode again, and i guess this week i'm gonna try some new western recipes, bake cheesecake, cupcakes and brownies. finally, LIFE! and im gonna give up waiting for that someone to ask me out. gahhhhhhhhhh! it's so frustrating.

oh, and maybe have some alone bowling time while im at it. (sounds so hard to do, but i did that, a few times...... sad. Well if im damn good like ajibXjamu i wouldnt mind bowling alone am so much better than a few people men bese2 je. But well, im not. In fact, im getting worse. arghh, matilah aku asek kne maki ngn ajib je nnt D:)

well, all that sounded good, but it all comes back to my state of mind when i wake up tomorrow. I hope im gonna be fit mentally.

oh, i know there's like tonnes of chores that i can do around the house, but it all comes back to my motivation, which is pretty shitty at the moment. So yeah. Toodles.