Thursday, August 27, 2009

huwarghhhh!!!! finally....

whew.. setelah sekian lame akhirnya dapat jgak connect internet. cnnction cm ayam.
too bad..syarah, liyana..i lost my mood already to update this thing. and this fucking keyboard is driving me mad!! im typing ike im typin on a typewriter. depressing...

what have i been doing at home for the mid sem hoiday?

well basicaly i sleep,wake up, hang around for a while, watch those stupid indon series on tv ( tho istill watch it...does that make me..........oh, nevamind),asar, go out to help my mum at bazar ramadhan, go home, watch tv n eat some more, sleep. (yes i did not go to masjid bcoz masjid at my place....conquered by indon, retarded children everywhere, better juz do it at home)

eh, wait???bazar ramadhan?

yessss!!! i have to help my mum at bazar ramadhan. n guess what she sells?? rjak asma. i dont seem to fancy it tho. but whatever, its not like i have to eat it everyday ( well in fact, i do, but its not ike i have no other choice. id be dead if thats the case). im pretty glad my parents and family doesnt have to go home around 11 again everyday. usually my mum sels floers during the fasting month. so she gets realy tired n juz cook superficial dishes for sahur.u know..sardine n stuff... sedih gak ar. now its much better.but...well, break fast plak affected. of course, i have to break fast at the bazar ramadhan obviously. we'll just eat something just to break and 'eat' at home. funny tho, what should we eat??...since during the day my mum was busy preparing the rojak's thingy, she obviousy did not prepare anythng. my eating pattern is disastrous. i feel like puking al the time. my tummy hurts..=(..uwekk..uwekkkk.....

er, hey!how bout homeworks???

owwww..s**t!! the godbless thing! err......err.....nooooooooooo.........i know nothing of it!!!! now??

nak sambung bace manga yer. kangen bangat!! hehe..=D.. nga layan eyeshield 21 rite now.lets go,lets go!!

*pardon the spelling error .freaking keyboard.malas nak btolkan.....OKAY!! i'll get to my homeworks later!!surely!!! sh*t!!argh!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

talk about private...=/

setelah sekian lame.. lets see... since february? i remain private without a single follower for my blog.muahaha..

eyy?? wats tis..?? 1 follower! ...syarah..... thank you dear, ur so sweet, but ur tainting my zero follower record. tsk3... well, wat to do. or r u obliged to do so because we're frens?? so sad..

wel, nampaknye i at least can say i have a follower. eventhough she's my close friend, not very much far from private state. haha.. n i doubt you even visit my page every now n then anyway.=D

maybe i juz shud do this more often. this blogging thingy. but i just cudnt find the time to even start. i envy u guys who can always find time to do this sorta of thing. i spend most of my tyme lately sleeping. sigh~ today i wake up at 12p.m. wat chem 2 pages, sambung tdo...bgn kol 4.
wat the heck???
biological clock aku sucks gle ujung minggu......(-_-!)

pikir2 susah gak tinggal bilik sorang. hanyut. anyways, thats rite.......... I FINALLY CLEANED MY E120 ROOM! finally... i got the room since sem 2, last february kot. muahaha.. skrg dah August, baru kemas. .rearranged all the furnitures.katil, L shaped.desks, ujung both 'instrument', sebelah study desk. lockers, seblah instrument. kerusi, atas locker(ingat nak buang je tp mane tau ade kegunaan satu mase nnt. muahaha) finally boleh diduduki. to: all my friends

Credits to LIYANA karena membantu aku mengemas and helped me also in figuring out on the furniture arrangements when im all confused. Arigatou ogazaimashita!! Aishiteru ne!! =)

i see no point to blab about actually in this blog. saje amek feel blik baru. hihi..
still, i need to think whether to move permanently or not. so lets list and evaluate..ngeh3..

Reasons to move:
1. Memangla aku ade wat dose sket2 tu, aku manusia bese. namon, nape bilikku panas gle. arghh!! mengglegak paleotak. kipas paling power pun bdan blecak gak.
2. Setakat ni aku rase tilam katilku paling keras antara mane2 tilam yang pernah aku cube kat kolej ni.
3.i think my rumet wudnt actually mind.n aku akan ade privacy.. hurm....
4. bilikku private lebih luas, ade due katil milikku, tade gangguan n ni ialah -bilik aku-

Reasons NOT to move:
1. Bilikku dekat..takyah jln jaoh blik klas pnat2.
2. bilikku dkat ngn blik Tv.
3. dari bilikku bleh dnga azan ngn jlas. (ceh! =P) tolla....
4. bilikku private jao. sket je. tp jao gak.
5. tinggal sorang hanyut.
6. klu pindah nanti bilikku private pnoh brg. tak besh.

Currently im staying in both.but having to go back and fore to my room from my room is quite tiring and time consuming. but to move permanently means i cant enjoy the privileges i have with my current room. tahla..HELP ME!!

I'll do what i feel like doing first. I'll do the deciding later. Its still too early to make decision.cewah.. ngeh3..

okie dokie! back to reality. Business IA sweetheart. lets go..IKEZO!!!