Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hair care plan...

The triple dot after the title shows that i don't actually have much of an idea on the subject. huuu...

Darn it. First and foremost i cannot stress how important it is to trim your hair every 3 months approximately. Due to budget problem, i didn't trim mine the last 5 months i was in ireland, thinking, it'd probably be much cheaper to wait a bit and do it in Malaysia. But then in Malaysia, it's been such a hustle all the time, preparing for Penang, being in Penang, starting class full blown and following through with the learning and bla3. So now my hair is suffering intense damage and it pains me to just hold them :( Oh my precious lady crown (lol), how i have ignored you i am so very sorry.

I am currently waiting for my shampoos. They're shipped back together with my clothes and living stuffs from Dublin. Some of my friends have been receiving their boxes now so I might be receiving mine in a few weeks time. Can't wait. That's basically my accumulated life there in those 3 huge boxes. While waiting, i've been using tre'semme shampoo, not that it's not good, but i just prefer my other shampoo. The thing is with Tre'semme, i need to use the conditioner as well for maximum effect. I know, i know. With any shampoo you'll have to use conditioner to balance the pH so on and so forth. But it's just too much work. Why opt for that when you can find an easier way, no?

So what's this shampoo that's so special i had to ship back from Dublin?

Aussie volumizing shampoo. curlazs uolls. volumoize gitu rambut akak.
Not sure if this is sold in Malaysian drug store (where i usually get my personal care stuff), Watsons, to be exact. Best gilaaa kot Watsons semua benda ada. Anyways, didn't want to take the chance, so to be on the safe side, i bought a few which can last for maybe a bit more than a year. This is goodstuff man. I mean, shampoos are really tricky, you have to really experiment with them. What works for one person won't necessarily work for another. I wish i could use Sunsilk, Rejoice whatever, but my hair is really just a fussy thang. Anyways, i like my hair to have volume, especially after being flattened out all day long with the tudung. Thus, explains the choice. Obviously, the product has different ranges like for colour etc.

Before using the shampoo though, i used to use the 3 minute miracle conditioner. Right then, the shampoo hasn't been on the market yet.

I have to tell you, I'm definitely, absolutely satisfied with this. I tend to have dry frizzy hair, so using this, it did solve the problem. Well after i finished it i saw the shampoo range and i achieved pretty much the same effect without the conditioner so i dropped the conditioner. Didn't really feel like waiting 3 minutes staring at the wall every time i wash my hair. ;/ plus, don't everybody loves shortcuts? hee

Well it doesn't stop there of course!

I just find it more comfortable to use leave-in conditioner (okay so i still use a conditioner). Started using it mostly because i needed a product for heat protection because sometimes i need to hurry and dry my hair with the hair dryer. Eventually though, it became a habit to just put it on whenever i have my hair wet because it does charms to my hair. I use Charles Worthington hair healer.

Well to be honest, I don't see it much different from Sunsilk's leave in conditioner but since i'm comfortable with this product, so i'll just stick to it. For now. Usually the effect is maximum if i put this on, dry my hair, and put my tudung on. When i come back home, it'll be super silky smooth. Cewah. macam iklan plak.

hmm.. so i think that's it for my hair regime. Maybe i should put on hair mask too every now and then but it's just so messy that the thought of it is.. just... bleargh.

Well it goes without saying that you have to practice good habits as well. Try not to sleep on your hair. Maybe make a loose braid to put them in place and definitely DON'T use getah tempe! Use clothe type hair scrunches. Gotta have good sleeping habit too. hehe. This is where i suck. So when you wake up and not snooze off, you do not move your head around a lot on the pillow right? That is just the perfect place for your hairs to undergo direct friction and damage. So when your alarm goes off, do NOT snooze, get up and enjoy your smooth and silky hair! cewah.

Haaa.. macam ni la youalls kena bangun pagi hari2. bergaya gitu. amek feeling sikit. tengok lama2...... hafal ekspresi muka, dan amal okeh! ;) barula curlassz you alls nak mengahdapi hari2 yang mendatang

makin lama makin geli pulak aku ni. Nak lawan kak senduk ke. oh memang tak dapat la kan. ha ha.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. For God's sake people, a wide toothed comb only costs about what, rm3 or 4? Get them! Comb your wet hair with that and not those hair brushes. Have some mercy on your hair. They are just so very delicate when they're wet.

-Rambut itu mahkota wanita- (hamboii).

Till later! -xoxo

Sunday, March 17, 2013


A footnote it is, a footnote it shall be.

Today i went to a carwash with syamim, just because i thought somebody hasn't clean that car for a while so i might just pamper it. and you know what, I'm so glad i did.

The uncle who washed our car was very friendly. We started to talk and he suddenly went and started giving advices to us. I can see how he would be prone to, seeing us, two young girls, studying medic. Apparently he was an engineer, but he ended up running a car wash business because he didn't like the life he had. Especially the people he had to deal with. ''Orang sekarang tak macam orang dulu. Sekarang orang jahat2 tak boleh percaya.'' and he reminded us to never trust anyone, just keep faith to yourself and God.

He used to be a monk too. haha. Interesting uncle. He basically pesan us a lot la. Remember God, always pray, mengaji. If he is not a buddhist i'm quite sure he'd be a good muslim. Dia kata hidup ni tak payah busuk hati, nanti karma datang balik. ''Sekarang lain tau dengan dulu, dulu kalau buat kena dekat anak cucu, sekarang kalau sendiri buat, sendiri kena. Kalau orang buat kita, kita diam saja, tak payah buat orang balik. Tak payah ikut orang, kita kena ok dengan diri sendiri. Orang sekarang kadang banyak duit sombong, bangga, tapi nanti mati tak ada apa, bawak satu kain saja. Kita datang kosong, kita balik kosong maa..''

I was so taken aback. I was so really touched actually to suddenly get a reminder like that. Very unexpected. I strongly believe that whatever is heard by the ears are meant for us to hear kan? I rasa macam nak nangis, because earlier during the day I was affected by something of the past and it really brought me down. And suddenly, in less than 12 hours, Allah pujuk me with this kind encounter. I feel so blessed and terharu.

That uncle lived a very modest life. The house was very modest. ''Saya happy, sihat, anak ceria, makan cukup, oklahh.. Kita kalau takde duit janganlah sampai menangis. Duit ada tak payah suka, duit tak ada, jangan menangis. Itu duit pun bukan kita yang punya. Orang Thailand kata, (insert some thai here), you cannot catch the wind. Money is like the wind, can you catch the wind?'' You see?

''Saya cakap awak eh, badan sihat, ingat Allah, hormat parents, you happy lah. Parents very important tau, you jangan sekali-kali marah kat diorang. Kalau you rasa sangat marah pun dia ada buat apa, jangan marah. Parents dulu yang jaga kita, nanti kita tua dah ada anak sendiri kita harap anak2 nak jaga kita juga kan?''

and banyak lagi kot. yang penting i just remember feeling so blessed and so inspired to be tenang and feel satisfied..

The things you encounter in the streets...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Whattheduck. Tiba2 rasa nak tulis review.

It's 1.37 am and I'm usually still up because I wake up after 12 so I somehow ended up, going through beauty tips and reviews.

Okay honestly I've only really care to properly want to look proper for everyday proper look about maybe starting last October. I had friends asking me, why the change? My answers are various, depending on my mood. Some of them, the typical, yeah..dah besar, dah wanita, most of them is because I just kinda don't have stuff to do. Medic student don't have stuff to do, wow, touche'.

Anywho, for some twisted fate, I ended up entering Debenhams before going back from Dublin the other day (or week, rather) aaaand tiba2 nak usha clinique because I've always heard good reviews about it. Honestly, make up doesn't mean much if your skin isn't flawless to begin with. I just don't believe in heavy make-ups.

Oh you just don't, just don't usha if you are not ready to buy. Well as usual, the 'consultant' asked if she could help. Obviously I needed one, was kinda clueless. I initially just wanted to look for a facial cleanser. I've been using mish-mash products for more than a year. Took the best product out of different brands. Apparently that works for me, but most of it, I just kinda disagree with the habit of buying all the product line of one brand just cause one suits you. It's just too damn expensive to keep changing everything.

So from then, up until now, been about maybe three weeks, I've been using this proper clinique set which is supposedly customized to my skin. I have combination dry-oily skin. Which is mostly annoying because i'm very sensitive on the cheek area but soooo very heavy on the t-zone. And to top that, I am so blmish-prone. just one day, one day, without proper face care, and it will just pop out in clusters. 0bhc)&^&BGhjRCvhdsvye37*&"!

First thing, the lady suggested me this cleansing foam, to get rid of my make up (as she observed that i, at the time, wore sloppy foundation and eyeshadows) and will also help deal with the blemishes as well. She said, 'You'll definitely need these', while observing my face. Mmmah, definitely.

It's really just a fluffy foam and done like how you would usually clean your face. it's kinda strong.

And then Clinique does this 3 steps face thing. First one is cleansing. I use this mild facial cleanser, usually used for combination skin.

This one's a bit softer, you just mix it with water to become a lather.

Step 2 is exfoliate.

Clinique clarifying lotion for dry combination skin. It's like a toner, but this stuff is super strong. It literally sizzles your face. Just dab it with soft cotton across your face making sure it covers every area at least once.

Step 3, moisturise.

This stuff is like concentrated water across your face.It's cool and very refreshing. But it also means that it's not that thick. Sometimes I have to apply twice to make sure my skin is dewy and supple.

This is the only thing that I'm disappointed with. The best moisturiser would be one that does everything. Moisturise and especially protect. So now I'm just depending on my body shop extra virgin minerals liquid foundation (whatever the hell extra virgin means) which contains spf20. I kinda wanna at least spf 30 for malaysia...yeah. I might just switch just the moisturiser, or i'll need to find facial sunscreen later.

oh and the final touch, especially for my all-year-round blemish-prone skin, anti blemish spot treatment gel.

Just thin layers of dots on the blemishes. This stuff is super strong, it'll make your pimple cry tears of blood. just kidding. it'll just dry them out to prunes. Great stuff. If anything, i want to always have this to my access.

So far it's nice, it's great in fact. I think my skin has gotten a bit more radiant. It starting to become that expensive cosmetic user look. I just need more determination to stick to my beauty regime. urghh. It really is just the routine and sticking to it. Not really anything fancy.

Till later- xx