Saturday, March 21, 2015

A quick update. xoxo

Okay this is just gonna be a short update. Only because I've realised the last time I've updated my blog was October last year! Might have been a longer post where I can talk about my marathon experience (which I would do extensively in the future) but I can't because I have ALS (Advanced Life Support) Course assesment tomorrow. That means I should be studying but here I am accidentally (pleasee) googled my name because I've run out of people to stalk on social media to of course, procrastinate :P

So hello, almost halfway through my final semester now. Can you believe it like I'm the so called 'final med student'. It has been quite busy, but not so much different from previous semesters pun. I've always tried to study consistently because for me, it's not for just exams but for my own understanding. I mean this knowledge would be applied to again and again in the future, so might as well take in as much as possible background knowledge before I go into the 'real world'. Cheh.

Hmmm so getting real hungry now, plus I forgot already what I wanted to say. haha. Oh well, a post is a post is a post. I'll appreciate it in the future. tata :)
just wanna brag at how much I've improved in my ecg rhythm interpretation thanks to crash cramming during ALS. urghhh brain felt like blowing half of the time(text-align: center;)