Saturday, October 10, 2009

ahakz..embarassed max

malu la plak ngn post sdri sblm ni. but im never deleting anything!

anyway, manifesto nite was brilliant! too bad i cant go to yesterday's session. outing..wuu~~..but no matter, as long as i can support and shout to my usrah sis (BESSIMA!!!!), then dats fine enough by me. kot. tho it would be much better if i could. but oh well.

SPR, u guys did great job. this years' manifesto nite was done professionally and i doubt any candidates resent the flow of the event. its well organised, no flaws on ur side.(as far as i can see) CONGRATS! the event was formal, assigned attire was smart, the atmosphere mild, just nice for such event. (well for me that is. im not such an exciting person,la). n u found yourself such good emcees. i could have sworn, everytime he speaks i want to vote for him. hehe..coherent and brilliant. i love the emcees la sng cite. so its a right decision u dont run for mpp. huhu..

Candidates, well u got tough competition this year. everyone is just in such a high spirit they almost blew the audiences away, literally =). caiyok lar! korang mmg care. tabik spring!! bkn senang nak naik atas tu. its not easy to convey ur own idea, from ur head, based on a restricted source(n maybe idea itself), to make people to just listen to you,what more to be convinved. From the bottom of my heart u guys deserves credits and respects. as a person who failed to deliver my manifesto speech in an impressing manner, i admit inferiority. =)

Overall, i enjoy the 2 hours i spent at the back of the hall tonite.hehe..eventhough i wasnt really expecting anything whatever. juz came to support bessi.

1 more thing, audiences, plg tak pon korang stick till the end and ramai lak tuh. Year 2 pon ramai yg dtg. If im one of the candidates, i'd be so grateful, thankful n terharu. walaupun tak layan certain part. (besela audience kmb. what do u expect? everybody will come to see and evaluate what qualities their future leaders have and consider analytically before choosing whom they'll vote? well,quite.... what im trying to say was..."this candidate is capable, charismatic bla3, mst boleh mng." really?i wonder..not all people vote the way u do) in the end i wasnt able to convey whatever im trying to say in the bracket.(-_-!)

dah2..sok nk bgn pg.weeee........tata.

Monday, October 5, 2009


weyh! sambutan raye camne? bkn kte ke yang handle?

-takpe.jgn risau.tu org len buat.

org len sape?

-org laen. kite takyah isau.takyah pkir pape.

owh..abestu? kite wat ape? tak wat pape ke???


~(monolog dlmn) bkn ke bnde tu under kite......=(..takpela. biola die.kate gitu. aku dah tnye.


argghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bodow gler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nak maki nak maki nak maki nak maki...!!!

---------tgh taip ade org tnye psl raye lak, trase pedasnye.."eyh?bkn korg ke yg handle??"------

-mlm ni ade meeting ngn dak2. takpe ko takyah dtg.

dgn bodo n slambenye dtg gak..sbb..........("eyh??bkn bnde ni under MPP ke?? bkn MPP yg handle ke?? ey asl ko tak taw?? ey..cmni3 ke??? ey..bla3 ke...???")

shit, damn, poo~~yada3.the damn emerging problems lst minute.....stress kpd dak2(dorg yg handle 2). owh.....ttbe MPP,ops, certain mpp plak rase cam mpp handle.(la, camtu ke upe2nye?)

camne ni??dah tu,ape ktorang bleh wat skrg?ape yg ktorang ley tlg?

-takpe nnt ktorng bincang.

nape takleyh nak bincang je skrg.

-takpe nnt ktorg bincang same ktorang.

tak,nak taw cmne sudahnye ni? ape ktorang nak blik dgn? tgn kosong? (stlh menembokkan diri masuk gak stlh ditegah)



Saturday, October 3, 2009


rather than a typical blog, mine is more like a reminder for myself. like a diary, like just for personal expression given to my personal godbless self. A site where i find pleasure materializing my emotions and expressions, my thoughts and reflections. Though i write very little for reasons as many as those. Really not good in expressing my personal,personal,personal, deep, heart to heart expression. same goes with just personal thoughts.(Not good? I couldnt, even if i want to) It's quite frustrating, being an IB student,not being able to use the alternative of expressing as a means of relief. (-_-!)

my opinion of my own blog may be because nobody reads it.=P.loser gle..! heheh.. so this became kinda private(talk about private.=D).sbb tu la rase cam diari kot??! =).

I dont socialize half as much as i do at secondary school. so no kmbians here. smkajbian? bz with their own life to bother mine.(or is it the other way around? i believe it is). so nobody really bothers to read this stuff. its more or less the same for me anyway. is it? (this im not sure)

sometimes i say some wise stuff(wise for myself at least/most). so i ought to just record it for sometime later in my life. it might be useful.

So, that is why, as lame as it sounds...i'd consider this very blog of mine as a "foot note" of my life. =)