Saturday, May 16, 2009



di manakah anda akan jmpe pkataan ni.
sile teka...
dh blom??




huh, mnyigkap kenangan lama. alhamdulillah.. bkn kputusan yg same bgku.

skarang gliran para junior pulak. harap redha dengan segala kputusan yg korg dpt. Kalau dapat, Alhamdulillah, troskan perjuangan anda. sama ada rela atau paksa, wallahuallam, korg sdri lbeh tau. But I'd like to regard to an anonymous quote, "see opportunities in every hardships and resentment, not the other way around"(this is alittle bit my own word.=D). so walaupon myb korang rase tak rela, don't just accept and don't just resent blindfully. this is ur chance to assess. What, maybe IS my path? what is it that i actually WANT in my life? or maybe, if ur not sure, then u can just go with the flow. Allah maha pengasih, anda akan ditunjukkan jln. ur BEST!! =)

However, for those who are a little "unlucky", tak dpt ape yg korg hajati, then dont be sad. Dont consider urself unlucky for not getting what u want. consider urself lucky instead, sbb apa yg korg rase dan percaye baik untuk korang, awl2 lagi Tuhan dh tunjuk,'that's not it'. so korang dh bole stat rangka khidupan korg dgn lbeh awl. dr sudut yg berbeze. look back and assess y, myb, that wht u want isnt actually wt u need bcoz Allah has already shown u that. So be grateful and be blessed because now u see CLEARLY that Allah is doing something for u. for the sake of u.

So, dear little brothers and sisters, i dont have much to say for i am not a good speaker, not good at comforting people (not even my frens) either, but i wud like to sincerely remind u with lots of care... whatever happens, whenever, wherever,only two words as a piece of advice and guidance.Have faith.


Have faith in Him..he who creates us and knows exactly what our defects and weaknesses. He who has unlimited love and care for us, His humble servants. He knows whats best for us and He will always shows us the path to be closer to Him. Remember, everything happens for a reason.(damn cliche'..hahaha). =P. No la, everything happens for the very reason of Tarbiyah. To educate. for us to be closer to Him. He is calling for u guys. Bring yourself closer. He gives u pain because He misses you. He wants you to go and seek him. How irony is that for us as a servant and Him as the Great Creator. How sweet is that? cant u see??

So lets just open our hearts to whatever it is the results that we get ok? this does not only apply to this very situation. but also whenever in life. =). Lots of love.Good Luck!!