Monday, October 10, 2011

kitchen-ing; varying

New households new rules. Sekarang kitorang satu rumah masak sendiri2. At first macam whaaaaaat? but then i figured i've been pretty much living like this the last academic year, so i don't think it a big deal now. I am able to provide for myself, no doubt. hihi

Although now i have to get used to buying stuff on a smaller scale. Like, really small. We used to buy a bag of carrots for the house about every week. Now i only buy one carrot, just that, for God knows how long. haha. Now that im using the foodstuff all by myself, everything seems to take forever to finish. One thing runs fast though, milk.

So i noticed things haven't been consumed much, eventhough i feel like i've been eating a lot. I get bored sooooo easily by the same food over a short period of time. Had it twice, im bored, next! and eventhough i haven't been cooking much, i am not feeling bored just yet. I guess that owes to my varying skills? haha

For breakfast, i am looking forward for my cereal eventhough i've been eating the same type of boring cheap(if it's delicious it's expensive right? yea2..kedekot) cereal for almost 3 weeks now. Reason is it's not just cereal and milk. hee.. there's a whooooole lot of things that u can mix with your cereal breakfast. hehe. Virtually anything edible! Here's some of mine:

1. Cut pieces of fruits; bananas, apples, berries, kiwi, oranges...etc. (this is how i manage to finish my portion of fruits. hihi. Kalau tak mmg sampai busuk la tak makan)

2. Crushed biscuits; OREO! (nyum3), digestives, biskut marie, (biscuits usually give an attractive taste to your milk ;))

3. and let's not forget the sweet stuffs...chocolate! ; flakes, crunchie, smarties, white/dark/milk chocs... yum3.

4. Cakes. huhu ; this is nice to try. Like muffins or brownies. hmmm rase macam makan cicah ngn susu tu.

5. Toppings of any kind; honey, maple syrup, choc syrup, sirap sirap luls

6. Juice squeeze; lemon, orange, lime etc for adventure ;)

and....practically anything that's available in your kitchen at the moment. :D

and then not to mention the various things you can do with egg or bread...... boil em, half boil em, scramble em, fry em, sandwich, makan dengan nasi...and many2 moarr. google it ;)

oh, and awesome thing is, i just found this super easy way to fill my sudden cravings for dessert, sweet stuff, or cakes every now and then with..................teng teng teng; super easy super fast to make MUG CAKE!

oh you can just google to find the recipe it's so freaking easy the second time i did it i didn't even use the exact recipe. Just splashed in this and that, here and there. Btw, flour really is a useful thing to have in your kitchen. You can make jemput2/cekodok, cake, pancake/lempeng, when you suddenly feel like you wanna make karipap, or donuts for minum petang lalala. heeee... yea, it's so much more sedap if there's topping also. You can top the mug cake(oh i didnt use mug btw it's just too bothersome nak kacau all the ingredients in the small thing. i used a bowl.) with ice-cream, honey, choc syrup, melted choc etc be creative!

Having fun in kitchen! ey? eyy?? ;DD

Saturday, October 8, 2011

what i like about you ;)

when you're all sweaty after a workout.

when you're shirtless ;)

if you're wearing american soldier tag-shaped pendant. i feel like pulling it, make your face come closer to mine..and kiss you.

When you laugh like you don't give a damn about the whole world, like you're so happy and having so much fun. When your laughter feels bubbly and give warmth to my heart.

When you stare into my eyes with that cool yet penetrating pair of eyes. When you stare at me so intensely, my heart beats so loudly both of us caught it skipped a couple of beats.

When i turn to you and caught you staring at me.

When i look up to you and you just smile at me without a reason. I can't help but to foolishly smile back.

When i'm walking behind you and checking out your body, looking at your shoulder so broad, i feel safe imagining myself inside that frame of a body of yours and i said to myself, my man...

When you talk about the future like you want nothing else but 'us' all over it.

When i caught you getting jealous with other guys who were with me, and you face away, trying to hide your embarassed face. I feel so happy i wanna hug you and never let you go. Ever.

*this list is yet to be added*