Sunday, June 5, 2016

dressing up and going out

Just a quick update ;)

Suddenly find myself feeling very inadequate fashion-wise. Going to the hospital just really means wearing the most comfortable and close to practical garments. Anything that may help your days go by a little smoother.

At the same time, I obviously have lesser chances of going out. Lesser opportunities to experiment with clothes and shoes and ultimately killed my appetite for more new clothings/look. That's very fine for my bank account but at one point this stagnance is dreadful and suffocating. I want to wear pretty clothessssss :((( and feel pretty :/

I miss my heels and dresses!
and good looking kebaya, and make ups!

This morning I spent some time looking at old pictures thinking, how did I do it. How was it that at that time, I felt so gorgeous, confident and amazing with how I carry myself?

                                               Paris 2013

But I really dont wanna be gorgeous in the hospital. Just wanna be plain ol person. That's the problem.

I think, I'm gonna start explore all those muslimah boutiques at bbu and maybe come up with a fresh, pretty but me looks that I may experiment and play around with.

Yes. This is a declaration for a shopping spree!!! :D

but, will probably have to wait after raya (maybe? maybe not?) because think I have a few things to spend on this Ramadhan and raya (this year first time giving duit raya -_-)

but but, maybe i'll actually grab that cotton flowery dress.. and that cream with black lace shawl. yup2, that's it ;P

ok bye2.

p/s : things at hospital are as good as they're able to be. still working on the enthusiasm though? kbye


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